Why Outsource IT ?


• Allows you to focus on your core business only

• Reduces capital costs of infrastructure

• Improves your employee satisfaction - higher added value jobs for your in-house staff

• Eliminates the need to expensively hire, train and manage a large IT staff

• You have an access to high quality resources worldwide


wpc6564df4.jpg BLESKOVE REALITY network

is a project for real-estate proffesional network. Basic idea is to distribute ask-bid information from customer to real-estate brooker and help members of the network to benefit from that smooth distribution by making a quick and profitable deal.

Project is based on klient server architecture. Client is PDA style Win PocketPC application what allows brooker to cary all the portfolio with him/her wherever s/he goes. Public can search for suitable deal via web interface. In case of interest brooker is notified instantly , directly to his/her PDA so s/he can negotiate a deal in a minute.

People can insert their bids from cellphone by SMS messages what makes this network truly quick and convenient for both public and brookers.

Applied Technologies

• Windows Pocket PC

• .NET programming for Compact Framework

• C#

• database programming for FireBird SQL

• web server - design + HTML,PHP programming

wpbd06b6ea_0f.jpg TAXrep

is a General Ledger reporter developed for a respecting audit company. It is a very useful tool for auditors processing data created by different accounting software. TAXrep has its own 'MS Word' - like word processor that helps to create customized General Ledger reports.

Applied Technologies

• C++, MFC

• Incorporating of 3-rd party word processor

• Database connectivity to ISAM driverss

• Populating the document template with data from datasource


wpf95475be.jpg Client register for Social Care Center

Application View Software product for processing client agenda used in Social Care Center. Basic functionality is oriented to managing the database of clients and tracking of everyday work with clients. Includes filtering, printing and statistical features.

Developped as a pilot project for country-wide chain of charitative centers supporting homeless people.

Applied Technologies

• VFP 7.0 app

• Data model analyse, reengineering of current agenda



wp6d55876e.jpg Maintenance of the Portfolio Management Software

Maintenance programming in Visual FoxPro for the US client, member of JP Morgan Group. Maintenance includes bugfixing and redesigns of existing software product.

Applied Technologies

• Visual FoxPro

• Reverse Engineering, Patching, Testing

• Incorporating new design into current software


wpe7c2ef3e.jpg Cash Dog

Administration web console is a client-server, cross-platform system used by an ISP in an intranet type of environment, in this case - Internet Café. The system manages computers on intranet. It is able to handle separate billing of each customer based on time spent using a computer.

Customer is allowed to use assigned computer for a limited time. Time period is given by Server module upon request and after the payment has been received. Administrator module is designed to manage whole system remotely via Internet.

System consists of three main modules:

• Server Module - Linux

• Client Module - Windows

• Administrator Module - remote access


Client Module

• Win98

• C++/MFC, TCP/IP sockets

• System programming, multithreading

• Security


Server Module

• Linux

• C++, socket layer programming

• Ncurses, MySQL


Administration Module

• Web based server application


• MySQL Database


Converted 1.PNG JukeBox

is a Linux based coin-operated multimedia system working with all source of multimedia information. It is gaining a fair respect by current owners for its simplicity, high sound and video quality, and easy update of multimedia contents.

Applied Technologies

• Linux

• X Windows

• MP3, MPG video

• MySQL Database

• System programming

• User level security

• Serial communication with coin slot


Converted 3.PNG DiaShow

is a software/hardware solution for controlling sets of slide projectors during audio-visual presentations. Hardware Module is based on Microcontroller used as a communication interface between a computer and slide projector. This module runs embedded application written in Assembly and C. PC Module runs the interpreter, written in customized meta-language that communicates with slide projector.

Applied Technologies

• Embedded programming - Assembler, C

• C/C++

• Proprietary communication protocol