Why Outsource IT ?


• Allows you to focus on your core business only

• Reduces capital costs of infrastructure

• Improves your employee satisfaction - higher added value jobs for your in-house staff

• Eliminates the need to expensively hire, train and manage a large IT staff

• You have an access to high quality resources worldwide

Web Service

• IIS 5.1 or higher

• ASP.NET 2.0

...true mobility for field staff

wpdfa33a3d.jpg SmartSalesForce

SmartSalesForce (SSF) is a software package for small and middle size businesses, which use field sales staff as one of priority method to do sales. It’s mission is to transport  the information, typically orders, from sales person to company central – sales department...

We ship the system as an customized implementation named “ABCOnline” where “ABC” is customers company name. Also design of the splash screen is adopted according customer’s design manual.

Current situation

Field staff typically gathers orders at customer’s site in “paper form” and the they transmit them to sales department via fax or phone call. Pricelists are in paper form too. Some enhancement is the scenario with laptop and spreadsheet and transport via e-mail.

Another important activity is business visit. Goal of the visit is to solve the problems, push for overdue payments and so on. It’s typically business meeting where no written document is expected as an output.

Salesmen often need to check the status of their orders in sense of processing at sales department. Information if order is fulfilled, billed or paid is available over the phone, fax or e-mail on demand.


System SmartSalesForce makes activities mentioned above more efficient by handling the information at the point where it’s created/processed/needed.

wp7a4b66e9.jpg Field salesman inserts the order directly into mobile device ( SmartPhone or PDA style). Order is immediately tranfered to sever which is accessible at sales department. Of course, information about  order status flows from sales department directly to salesman at the time s/he ask for it. And it’s as fresh as possible – extracted form the system for delivery control which SmartSalesForce system is integrated with.

wp80b2be9f.jpg Salesman can access pricelists, discounts directly from his mobile device. S/he can be sure all the information is fresh and accurate. To operate the mobile device is very easy and intuitive. Everything is just click away.

Sales department  uses server side of the product called ControlCenter. It allows to track activities of field staff, send instant message and so on. ControlCenter is web application hosted in any web browser.


• Support mobility for field staff

• Online/offline data available wherever they go

• Scalability

• Easy to use – after 4 hours training people are ready to work

• Possibility to run on SmartPhone platform – cheap and small device salesman can really cary in his pocket. One device for phone calls and running the app.

• Minimal additional infrastructure investments




• Windows Mobile 5 or higher, SmartPhone edition

• .NET 2.0 Compact Framework


• SQL Server Express edition

Database backend