Why Outsource IT ?


• Allows you to focus on your core business only

• Reduces capital costs of infrastructure

• Improves your employee satisfaction - higher added value jobs for your in-house staff

• Eliminates the need to expensively hire, train and manage a large IT staff

• You have an access to high quality resources worldwide


wp55bb3813.jpg Many owners of the squash clubs fight with the same problems: how to keep track of the activity in the club, to how to be sure that every game is billed and money ends where they shoud – to the cash register, not in someone‘s pocket.

SquashClubAdmin is a software which  makes life of the operator/manager of your squash club easier. Helps him:

• To record reservation/prepaid reservation

• To bill games

• To Manage prepaid cards

In connection with movement sensors ( the same you may know from building security systems) reminds manger that s/he have to register the game in progress. At the same time owner can be sure, that if somebody plays at the court,  game has to be paid at he end whether by cash or prepaid card. No chance to let somebody play and take the cash out of owner’s sight.

Data collected during use of SqashClubAdmin can serve you for analyse behavior of your customers: prefered reservation time, cash vs. prepaid cards and so on.

wpa76c02be_0f.jpg Software comes in two configurations:

a) with movement sensors and controller

b) plain software ( without possibility to track games in the court )

Software is suitable also for all facilities where action is situated into relatively closed space which can be monitored by movement sensors. Works good for tennis (especialy indoor ), bedminton, indoor rock climbing, box and similar.

Hardware requirements are really low, wherever Windows 2000 or XP runs SquashClubAdmin will run smoothly. No other licensing is required.

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